I want to express by appreciation to you and all the KALBAN staff for the fine work accomplished on the 2001 City-Wide Miscellaneous Concrete Repair Project. Tom Tice, the Public Work Inspector on the job, was equally impressed with how well organized your crews were, and what a good quality of product they produced. From Bonnie Lane in the office, to Mike Nava in the field, to Miron Kalebjian at the top, my experience with KALBAN during this project has been most satisfying. I hope that we work together again soon, it has really been a pleasure.

City Of Chino Hills

Tad Garrety, Capital Project Coordinator

Fantastic Job! This job went remarkably well, and you and the team did a great job of working through the many details. This was great news to receive on a Monday Morning

City of Burbank

Henry, Charles O.

I Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very pleased we were with Kalban, Inc. Kalban, Inc. not only provided quality work in a timely manner, but gave exceptional service. They were courteous, professional and had the most helpful attitudes. They took the stress out of would could have been an unbearable situation and were truly a pleasure to work with

Jensen Relocation

Kirk Jensen, President

Your Company did work in the city of Lawndale on W167th St from 5 thru 8 July 2016 repairing a portion of the street and sidewalks. It is a privilege to let you know your workers did a great job. I'm sorry to say that is not always the case nowadays. They showed up early and started right on time. They were professional, friendly, and I never saw anyone just standing around leaning on the shovel. Seems they all had a job to do and they got right to it. They were accomodating when someone had to go up or down the street and when they were done at end of the day they cleaned and swept everything up and was here the next morning to do it all again. They started when they said and they were done when they said. My Husband and I were very impressed. You have a crew to be proud of. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Lawndale Public Works Office in Lawndale so they can see they chose the right Company for the job. Thank you all for a job well done.

Mrs Souza

Lawndale,Ca 90260

Just wanted to take a moment to say well done to your team on this. They are working the entire hill up to my home at the end of Brace Canyon. The work is timely and the quality is good. It is a challenge to do these projects as we all want the infrastructure repaired or replaced but please no mess or blocking parking or noise etc. They are doing them up and down the entire hill including directly in front of my home nice work

Sidewalk Repair Project

Dacis and Ron

Just want to thanks the city officials and Kalban for the great job they did in my neighborhood. Kalban had all the right tools for the job with employees who know how to use them. The guys worked hard, were efficient and best of all very polite and considerate of the residents. They checked the lawn sprinklers for damage and made repairs where necessary. They even put grass seed down in a few places where they had dug up near the sidewalk. It now looks great and is much safer to walk on. Thanks to all and please pass this on.

Concrete Rapairs

Christie Edinger